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Business Objects
Administering Users and Content XI

Course Topics

Understanding Business Objects Enterprise
  • What is Business Objects Enterprise?
  • Working in InfoView
  • Working in the Central Management Console

Business Objects Enterprise Architecture
  • The BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Process Flows in BusinessObjects Enterprise

Planning Your Content
  • The Business Objects Enterprise security model
  • Creating a Content Plan Planning Application Security
  • Securing Applications

Creating and Securing Folders, Users and Groups
  • Creating folders, new users and groups
  • Mapping third-party accounts to Business Objects Enterprise
  • Applying security Publishing and Configuring Content Publishing

  • Scheduling Objects
  • Scheduling on events
  • Scheduling with business calendars
  • Managing instances




  • Appreciate the universe designers role, how Business Objects infers SQL, and the universe development process.

Building a Simple Universe
  • Set universe parameters
  • Populate the universe structure with tables
  • Create joins and test dimension, detail and measure objects
  • Organize objects into classes.

Resolving Loops, Chasm and Fan Traps
  • Discover how to identify and resolve loops, chasm traps, and fan traps in the universe structure.

Enhancing the User Experience
  • Enhance the universe design to improve and simplify the user experience with Business Objects.
  • Learn how to add, modify, or remove a list of values for an object
  • Create and customize hierarchies to simplify drilling for end users
  • How to use @functions.

Improving Performance
  • Improve performance by understanding when and how to use aggregate awareness and pre-calculated aggregates from summary tables to speed up queries.

  • Learn how to distribute, document, and maintain universes.

Introduction to WebIntelligence
  • Describe the core concepts of WebIntelligence
  • Explain the business process for report creation
  • Define the core functionality of WebIntelligence

Getting Started with InfoView
  • Log on to and off from InfoView
  • Access documents
  • Manage document categories
  • Use online Help
  • Create dashboards for My InfoView

Viewing Documents in InfoView
  • View documents in different formats
  • Analyze Web Intelligence documents in Drill mode
  • Refresh and Print documents from InfoView

Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries
  • Use BusinessObjects universes to create queries and build reports
  • Differentiate between the report panels
  • Create and edit WebIntelligence documents
  • Manage documents

Restricting Data Returned by a Query
  • Apply query filters
  • Use a prompt to filter data
  • Apply complex filters
  • Use and prioritize operators

Displaying Information
  • Use tables and charts
  • Create and edit tables
  • Change table and chart formats
  • Add data to existing tables

Enhancing the Presentation of a Report
  • Organize information in a report
  • Use breaks, calculations, sorts, and alerters
  • Use report filters
  • Organize a report into sections

Formatting Reports
  • Document formatting
  • Formatting charts
  • Creating Formulas and Variables
  • Create and edit formulas and variables