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Business Model
Our business model reflects the conviction of the architects of EGB that helping a customer to deliver business value and commitment to share-holders are the building blocks of a successful business enterprise. EGB evolved on this business model, and today we have expanded our global capabilities to include Software Development, Web Designing, Web Development & Maintenance, IT Consulting & Staffing, E-Business Solutions, Search Engine Optimization / Internet Marketing, Data Processing Services and Back Office Support. Our strategy is to focus on delivering value in IT sector through foray into newer futuristic domains, our innovative global solutions, and strategic alliances and intelligent investments in capabilities.

Our global presence, industry position consequential to a vast experience, and our strategy of diversified business solutions enable us to provide a business model that is well-defined, competitive, collaborative, and flexible to dynamic business requirements.

Our Engagement Model
One of the primary reasons behind our success has been and continues to be our flexibility in meeting client demands. Our engagement model is custom-designed to client requirements with simultaneous focus on quality and time-to-value. EGB delivers value through the following proven delivery models.

businessmodelOn Site Delivery Model

Services are delivered ‘on-site’ - at the client location - by an expert EGB team. Entire project management, from the initial project study, implementation, to maintenance and support, is performed in continuous association with the client, at the client site. Our experts are familiar with the challenges of working on-site, and can provide an effective operating environment conducive to closer client interaction. On-Site Delivery model is beneficial for projects that involve constant changes necessitating continuous interaction with clients, or those that demand specialist expertise.

Advantages of Our On-Site Delivery Model
  • Facilitates Face-to-Face Communication with Clients
  • Provides Quicker Access to Project-Related Information
  • Eliminates Chances of Ambiguities in Understanding Project Requirements
  • Enables Deliverance of an Outcome that Replicates Client’s Conception

businessmodelOffshore Delivery Model

Entire Project Development, from initial Study phase to Testing, is carried out at EGB’s offshore facility. Project management and communication aspects are controlled by Program Managers who are the internal client representatives. An expert team is deployed at the offshore development centre to execute the project using proven process methodologies, which ensures cost-effectiveness and on-the-time deliverables.

The project is handled by a Project Lead who communicates the time-to-value details of the team to the client. EGB also employs a Project Manager who works in direct association with the client, to supervise the project.

The client assumes responsibility for the entire project in this type of delivery model while EGB provides only the infrastructure and resources required for the project. Offshore Delivery can be adopted when project objectives are clearly defined and the possibility of deviation does not exist. It is ideal for projects that require constant enhancements.

Though Off Shore Delivery model comes with a detailed project plan, we realize that there is always a possibility that unpredicted requirements might develop during the course of execution. Our vast experience and resources enable us to equip ourselves to handle any such out-of-the-plan developments effectively.

EGB’s Off-Shore Delivery Model gives you the advantage of

  • Access to Diverse Specialist Expertise
  • Availability of Resources On-Demand
  • Greater Control on Costs and Time for Project Completion
  • Round-the-Clock Technical and Customer Support
  • Quicker Commercial Benefits

businessmodelHybrid Model

This delivery model combines the advantages of both On-Site and Off-Shore models providing optimal efficiency in terms of resource and costs. An EGB expert team deployed on-site interacts constantly with the client while the team at the offshore development centre executes the project in coordination with the team on-site. The expert team may comprise program managers, consultants, developers, and other specialists, as according to the project requirements.

The On-Site project team focuses on such tasks as

  • Project Study
  • Drawing up Project Specification Reports
  • Initial Project Design
  • Project Development
  • Constant Interaction with Client

The Off-Shore Development Centre

  • Analyzes Project Requirements
  • Prepares Detailed Project Design
  • Executes the Project
  • Implements Periodical Quality Audit to Ensure Project is Compatible with Client Requirements
  • Provides Support to the On-Site Team

Advantages of Our Hybrid Delivery Model

  • Direct Client Interaction
  • Scalability
  • Optimal Utilization of Resources
  • Higher Productivity
  • Greater Operational Benefits

businessmodelDedicated Development Model with Single Skill Set

EGB provides client with dedicated infrastructure, expertise and logistics support for a single set of skills. Management of the infrastructure is handled by the client. We provide complete support for infrastructure management and provide resources for handling your day-to-day tasks. The client can select his team through interviews with resources, which are arranged by EGB. The selected team is accountable to the client. EGB offers a discount of 30% on project remuneration, which is paid on a monthly basis, and more than 172+ collective hours for the project.

businessmodelDedicated Development Model with Multiple Skill Set

EGB provides client with dedicated infrastructure, expertise and logistics support for multiple skill sets in this model. EGB assigns an offshore Project Manager who coordinates with the client or the client representative, and works with different teams to ensure timely completion of tasks. We provide complete support for infrastructure management and provide resources for handling your day-to-day tasks. The client can select his team through interviews with resources, which are arranged by EGB. The selected team is accountable to the client. The pricing format is similar to the Single Skill Set model, with the exception of an additional 25 %. More than 172+ collective hours are allocated for the project.

businessmodelHourly Rate Model

Hourly Rate Model is ideal for trial projects, one-time projects, and for projects whose goals and specifications are clearly defined and the possibility of deviation from the project is unlikely. This Model is commitment-free and flexible; client gets access to diverse expertise and different levels of resources - high-end, middle-level and lower-level – on demand, and pays only for the usage of the resources. This Model offers greater flexibility in resource change, and provides optimal cost benefits and scheduled deliverables.

Hourly rates vary according to the services provided and are remunerated for on a monthly basis. The project is managed by our Project Manager. We ensure transparency in operations, which enables clients exercise greater control over the project.

businessmodelFixed Price Model

‘Fixed Time Fixed Budget’ delivery model is a one-cost model in which a fixed cost is assigned for a project based on its requirements. This Model is employed for projects that come with definite scope and requirements. EGB’s expert team performs an in-depth multi-level analysis of client requirements to eliminate possibilities of alteration to project specifications during the course of the project. We implement and manage the project using our Project Manager. This delivery model gives client better fixed cost and time advantage as well as scheduled deliverables.